What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

A Workers’ Compensation policy is created for the purpose of protecting the employees who get hurt physically or become ill from their work. Nearly all states in the U.S. have a state-specific Workers’ Compensation laws that require the employers to provide the basic help that their employees need when their health is threatened by their work.

The Workers and Their Work

In general, a regular employee’s pay is just enough to provide for his or her family’s needs, primarily the food, shelter, and utilities. The sad truth is sometimes their pay doesn’t even suffice for their basic needs. Some people work to send themselves to college, some to send someone else to school. In most American families, the mothers are the breadwinners. The Institute for Women’s Policy Research stated in a report in April 2020 that in about 15 million families in the U.S., the breadwinner is the mother. And more than four out of ten breadwinner mothers, regardless of race and ethnicity, are single. That makes a population of over 6 million.

Each worker has a story. It can be a story of striving to achieve one’s dreams. It can be a story of providing a better home for the family. Or it can be about finding a work environment where they feel they belong to. No matter what reasons employees may have that motivate them to work, the bottom line is they all need to be protected from the dangers that can harm them at work.

SynchronoSure®’s Workers’ Compensation for Every State

SynchronoSure® adheres to the standards of specific laws of each state to offer a Workers’ Compensation coverage to employees. Our business shares the burden of providing the small business and their employees the right indemnity against work-related damages and injuries.

This insurance is designed to match the medical needs and income loss of an employee who unintentionally injures himself or herself while working. On top of that, this policy also protects the employers at certain levels of coverage when they are sued by their employees or the employee’s relatives. This product is available to 1,000 Payroll Classifications that have low-to-moderate hazard risks. 

SynchronoSure® also offers competitive commissions to those who will apply as insurance Producers. With our “Slick, Quick, and Easy” state-of-the-art underwriting process, the Producers get a quote within 15 minutes or less. There is no carrier appointment necessary. Meeting the volume requirements is tough, but with SynchronoSure®, there is no premium volume commitment. If you want to become our Producer, complete this Producer Profile Registration form.

Be informed of how SynchronoSure®’s Workers’ Compensation covers your business.

Employees’ Benefits

Medical Costs

A Workers’ Compensation policy is responsible for paying the medical costs of the employees’ accidents on the job. The coverage is not only for inceptive medical treatments but even for ongoing medical care charges.

Income Loss

SynchronoSure®’s Workers’ Compensation reimburses the loss of income for employees who are incapacitated for work resulting from their workplace accident.

Long-term Illnesses and Injuries

When an employee suffers from a long-term disability, which could be a health problem or being incapable of doing the same activities at work, the policy will also provide coverage at a certain limit.

Funeral Costs

The Workers’ Compensation also recompenses for the death of the employee as a result of job-related accident or illness. This insurance will pay for the funeral costs and give benevolence to the grieving family.

Employers’ Benefits

Paying Expenses from Personal Finance

Employers are spared from paying large amount of money for their employees’ medical bills, lost wages, disability, and even funeral expenses when they have a Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Employers’ Liability Policy

Inside a Workers’ Compensation policy is an Employers’ Liability coverage. The Workers’ Compensation covers unintentional injuries and illness that employees acquire within their work. On the other hand, an Employers’ Liability policy covers the claims outside of employees’ work. This includes third-party-over actions, loss of consortium, dual capacity, and consequential bodily injury.

Workers’ Compensation Is A Must

A Workers’ Compensation policy is important not only to the employees, but even to employers. Without a Workers’ Compensation, the business will end up in lawsuits and the business owner will have no choice but to pay for the legal expenses and all the damages from his or her own pocket.

There are many ways to protect your business from financial liabilities such as having a strategic risk management, hiring an attorney, etc. But one of the first things you need to know, especially if you are just establishing your business, a Workers’ Compensation is a must.

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