Masonry Workers Compensation

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What is Workers' Compensation for Masonry Workers?

Workers’ Compensation, also known as Workman’s Comp, is business insurance that provides for the medical care for workers who suffer work related injuries or illnesses and also provides for lost wages due that arise when the employee is injured and cannot work.

Our Appetites: We prefer low and moderate hazard risks.

Competitive Commissions: We pay competitive commissions on premium collected.

Workers compensation coverage helps protect your business in many ways including protection against:

Why do Masonry Business Owners need insurance?

Masons face the same dangers and hazards as those working in the construction industry. Hence, the work at masonry is a very high-risk job. The nature of this work is physically demanding which usually lead to fatalities.

Creating a safe work environment is not a guarantee that your workers will never meet dangers at the construction site. Secure their health and safety with SynchronoSure®’s Workers’ Compensation insurance for small business.

Here are some of the scenarios that your laborers will need the workers’ comp benefits. While a mason is placing bricks on the wall, the ladder he is stepping on suddenly collapsed and he fell from a great height. The mason fractured his lower limbs. A different person was working under the extreme heat of the sun and suddenly he passed out. The accident was brought to your attention. As an employer, what should you do? You must file the first report of injury (FROI) with the insurance carrier, and the insurance carrier will respond to the situation properly by first paying for the medical expenses and second, if the worker cannot return o work right away, the workers’ comp policy will pay out lost wage benefits to the injured worker.

Our work injury compensation provides medical and wage loss payments to employees injured in the scope of their employment. When a job-related injury or illness result to death, the bereaved family will also receive death benefits.

As a masonry business owner, you must be ready in dealing with such job-related accidents and unfortunate conditions. Given that your business uses heavy tools and equipment, your workers are in a higher risk injury and accident. SynchronoSure®’s Workers’ Compensation is made to protect your business from the financial loss because of an injured or sick employee, or if a lawsuit is filed against your company.

At SynchronoSure, we have a broad appetite for small account workers’ compensation risks:

Preferred method of payment is ACH, credit card payments accepted in certain states and may result in additional fees. Policy forms, invoices and policyholder notices are sent electronically.
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