Workers’ Compensation in Indiana

The Workers’ Compensation Board of Indiana implements the law for every employer in the State to issue an accident insurance program for their employees. It is what’s commonly known as the Workers’ Compensation insurance. It the employees’ protections against unwanted injury or sickness that they may obtain from work. The benefits of this insurance are as follows:

• All kinds of medical coverage
• Disability
• Rehabilitation
• Lost income
• Death benefits

How Do Workers’ Comp Work in Indiana?

In the State of Indiana, employees are automatically eligible for the workers comp on their first day at work. If they get injured, they have to notify their employer right away so that their employer can immediately file a claim through their insurance carrier. Filling of the claim must not be later than 30 days from the day of the disaster or else it will be turned down.

If an employee is unable to work for more than 7 days due to the job-related accident or sickness, he or she is eligible to receive two-thirds of the average weekly income where the first installment will be paid after 15 days from the day of the occurrence. The first week of lost days will not be paid unless the employee was out for 21 consecutive days or 3 weeks.

One of the uniqueness of the Workers’ Compensation in Indiana is that the number of employees does not matter for an employer to acquire an insurance coverage. The benefits apply to a wide range of employees, full-time or part-time, company executive, minor and some students who are hired as on-the-job trainees (OJT) and are receiving federal funding. Even the employees who work outside Indiana provided that they have working relationship in the state.

Who are Exempted?

Like in most states, the workmen compensation policy in Indiana also has exemptions. The following list of employees are the not under the law of Indiana Workers’ Compensation Act.
• Volunteer workers
• School to Work student – They are compensated for medical benefits, permanent partial impairment, death benefits and burial compensation in case of the death resulting from an injury, and weekly wage equal to federal minimum wage. But they are not covered with the temporary total disability coverage and temporary partial disability coverage
• Casual laborers
• Farm and agricultural employees
• Household employees
• Part-time Youth Coach (independent contractor who enters in agreement with nonprofit corporation)
• Employees and employers engaged in interstate or foreign commerce

Workers’ Comp Insurance for Small Business

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Workers’ Compensation is not just for employees’ protection. It serves as employers’ shield against lawsuits and unexpectedly large payments for workplace injuries and damages. That is why it is important that even small and start up business, regardless of the number of employees, invest in this king of insurance.

Find insurance that match your needs. Protect your assets and savings by securing a Workers’ Comp insurance with us for your small business today.

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