Workers Compensation for Farm Apiary and Drivers

What is Workers' Compensation for Farm Apiary and Drivers?

Workers’ Compensation, also known as Workman’s Comp, is business insurance that provides for the medical care for workers who suffer work related injuries or illnesses and also provides for lost wages due that arise when the employee is injured and cannot work.

Our Appetites: We prefer low and moderate hazard risks.

Competitive Commissions: We pay competitive commissions on premium collected.

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Workers compensation coverage helps protect your business in many ways including protection against:

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Phraseology: Farm Apiary and Drivers 

Description: Raising poultry for eggs or breeding purposes, raising bees for honey 

Who does workers’ compensation protect?

Workers’ compensation protects both the employer and employee.  Employers are protected when they need to pay for and employee’s work-related injuries or illnesses. It protects employees by providing indemnity for lost wages arising from work-related loss or injury.

At SynchronoSure, we have a broad appetite for small account workers’ compensation risks:

Henry David Thoreau once said, “The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunlight.” But honey farmers out there would agree that working in an apiary, known as a bee yard, does not always look like happily working under the sunshine.

An apiary is where bees are kept and nurtured to produce honey. Working in the apiary can be seriously dangerous. Other than being stung, honey farmers and drivers can be at risk with backaches, sprains and strains due to lifting heavy honey supers. Getting into poison ivy or poison oak, or mild to severe allergic reaction to bee venom are other hazards that they may encounter. All of these requires immediate medical attention.

SynchronoSure®’s Workers’ Compensation program offers medical coverage for the workers in this industry. We protect the employers by paying what they need to pay for the medical services that the injured employee needs. And we also protect the employees by giving indemnity for lost wages due to inability to work.

Eligible Businesses

We have broad appetites for small account workers compensation risks:

  • More than 1000 available payroll classifications (certain limitations apply for class codes in hazard grades E and F, no coverage for hazard grade G class codes)
  • Maximum unmodified manual premium of $35,000
  • Maximum experience modifier of 1.35
  • Willing to underwrite risks currently insured in Assigned Risk Plans
  • Minimum policy writing premium of $1,000

Workers Comp Coverage

Maximum Limits

  • Employers Liability with limits up to $1 million / $ 1million / $1 million

Installment Options

  • Annual
  • 2 Pay (to bind coverage, 20% down + first installment required)
  • 4 Pay (to bind coverage, 20% down + first installment required)
  • 10 Pay (to bind coverage, 20% down + first installment required)
Preferred method of payment is ACH, credit card payments accepted in certain states and may result in additional fees. Policy forms, invoices and policyholder notices are sent electronically.
Visit the Insurance-As-A-Service™ Resources page available to policyholders for access at your fingertips a suite of value added resources for legal, human resource management, risk management, mental health, ergonomics and loss mitigation services.
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