Workers’ Compensation in Delaware

A Workers’ Compensation is a statutory insurance in Delaware, as well as in other states of the U.S., that business owners must carry as they continue their business operations. This insurance is liable when an employee meets an accident while performing task at work or catches a job-related disease. This indemnity protects the employer from paying lump sum amount on medical charges, temporary of permanent disability, income loss, and even death benefits if the employee dies from a workplace injury or occupational disease.

It is a win-win insurance coverage for both the employers and employees of Delaware. Furthermore, employers can buy this insurance from private insurance carriers or they can rely on the state-run workers’ comp program.

All employers who hire at least one employee must provide a workman’s compensation and must pay for the full amount of the insurance. The law forbids that the employee takes a portion of paying for this liability policy. For more details about the coverage of Delaware Worker’s Comp, you may check this PDF file The Instant Insurance Guide: Small Employer.

Benefits Under Delaware Workers’ Compensation Insurance

This compensation generously pays for any work-related accidents or exposures to occupational illnesses. The following are what this policy covers.


This coverage includes paying for medical consultation, confinement, procedures, rehabilitation, follow up check ups with a doctor, in short, all the necessary medical care that an injured employee need. Though the hospital services are provided by the employer or its insurance carrier, the employee has the freedom to choose his or her attending physician.

In 2008, Delaware approved a new and comprehensive Health Care Payment System (HCPS) for the medication of the employees who are covered by a workers’ comp benefits. This system gives a list of recognized health care providers.

Temporary Total Disability

This policy pays for lost days of the injured employee. A Temporary Total Disability benefit is required to be paid from the fourth day lost. In cases where the disability period extends to weeklong, the employee will receive payment for the full disability period. The insurance reimburses 66⅔% of the gross weekly pay.

Temporary Partial Coverage

Workers’ Comp policy also pays Temporary Partial up to 300 weeks, that is 5.75 years. When the employee returns to work but as a part-time which is at a lower rate than the pre-injury salary, he or she is eligible to receive two-thirds of the difference of the pre-injury rate and the current rate.

Permanent Impairment Coverage

When the employee ended up having a permanent partial disability from the workplace injury, he or she will receive benefits according to the level of the “scheduled” or “unscheduled” injuries. “Scheduled” injuries are injuries to the eyes, ears, hands, arms, feet, fingers, toes, or legs. While the “unscheduled” injuries are injuries involving the head, neck, heart, lungs, back, etc.


There are cases of accidents on the job where the employee suffers from physical disfigurement. The work injury compensation will also cover the expenses for amputation. The employee can file for the disfigurement benefits claim after one year from the day of the accident or surgery. He or she can be compensated up to 150 weeks depending on the gravity of the scar.

Death Benefits

In Delaware, there is a definite way of giving death benefits when the employee’s workplace accident or illness resulted to his or her expiry. Weekly, the benefit will payout to the dependents of the deceased employee not exceeding to 80% of the maximum rate. Also, the employer or its insurance carrier is required to pay the funeral expenses for a job-related death up to $3,500.

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