Workers’ Compensation in Connecticut

Connecticut’s Workers’ Compensation Act requires the employers to provide compensation to see that almost all employees in their state are covered when they encounter an accident at work or suffer from an occupational illness. The state law secures a medical coverage, replacement of lost income, benefits while disabled, and vocational rehabilitation if needed. It also pays for additional benefits such as scarring, disfigurement, and permanent physical impairment.

Connecticut does provide workers comp benefits to employees who gets injured within the state only. Their Workers’ Compensation insurance is available to full-time and part-time, non-citizens, even those in the minor age group regardless of work, company size, and number of hours rendered daily. But there is an exception for the employees working in private homes not exceeding twenty-six hours per week.

Even if the employee injures himself or herself outside the state, the benefits will still be given. For the employers and employees to know more about this state-regulated protection, the State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission released an Information Packet.

The Workers’ Compensation benefits provided by the state only covers the employees who are injured from a work-related accident or those who suffer from illnesses obtained from work. This act prohibits the employees from suing their employers not unless if they can prove that their employer had negligence in complying with the law or if their employer intended the injury to happen.

If the employer is self-insured, the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation coverage no longer applies to the employees’ workplace accidents and illness. The elf-insured employer will be responsible for paying all the expenses that the injured employee needs, including medical bills, lost wages, disability benefits, and even death benefits.

In line promoting a drug-free workplace, the Commission will not provide compensation for injuries or illnesses resulting from substance or alcohol abuse.

Connecticut Against Workers’ Comp Fraud

Complaints about the alleged employers or third parties engaged in workers’ compensation fraud are investigated by the State’s Workers’ Compensation Fraud Unit within the Chief State’s Attorney’s Office, Division of Criminal Justice. To inquire and report about alleged instances, you may reach the office at 860-258-5800.

The Workers’ Compensation for Connecticut Employees

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