Workers’ Compensation in Arizona

Workers’ Compensation is the employees protection against job-related injuries or diseases. It pays for the medical bills and recompenses lost income due to inability to return to work immediately. In case of death, there is also a burial service and financial assistance given to the surviving spouse and/or family of the employee. Workers’ comp is also the protection of the employers from lawsuits, except from very limited circumstances.

The Industrial Commission of Arizona imposes the Worker’s Compensation Act that requires the employers who have one or more employees to carry such insurance which is also called “no-fault” insurance. Workers’ comp policy is responsible to provide benefits when employees encounter and accident or injury, or suffer from an occupational disease on the job, regardless of who is at fault.

Responsibilities of the Employers

Arizona law requires the employers who hired at least one employee, whether full-time or part-time, to obtain a workers’ comp benefits. In accordance with this, the employer must post notice of industrial insurance coverage in the workplace to serve as the employees’ guide to the insurance benefits they are eligible for.

In Arizona, there is a law that gives permission to an employer to reject Workers’ Compensation coverage. This is prior to an illness or injury. They may do so by providing the Employer Notice in writing, signed and dated.

It is the employer’s full responsibility to pay for premiums of the Workers’ Comp insurance on behalf of their employees. It is against the law to charge the premium payment from the employee’s salary. Employers who will violate the provisions of the law will pay civil penalties.

When an employee is injured at work or catches occupational illness, it is the employee’s responsibility to inform his or her employer about the incident. Then it will be the employer’s responsibility to file the claim to their licensed workers’ comp insurance company or process the claim themselves if the company is a self-insured company.

Self-insured employers have the right to direct the injured employee’s medical benefits for the duration of the injury. But, if the employer’s company is not a self-insurance company, the employer has the right to direct the injured employee to their choice physician for a single visit. The injured employee can transfer to a different doctor of their choice after visiting the employer’s choice doctor.

Employees Benefits

The employee of Arizona who are injured at work are eligible for the following workers’ compensation benefits:

Medical Benefits – the policy will cover the expenses the existing and future medical needs of the employee as long as the injury or illness is because of his or her work

Lost Wages – the injured employees are entitled for reimbursement of lost income for lost days

Death Benefits – when an employee dies from performing a task at work or from an occupational disease, his or her family will receive financial assistance for funeral services and death benefits

Vocational Rehabilitation – injured employees may receive physical and mental rehabilitation in order to return to employment or be able to find another meaningful job

Temporary Total Disability Benefits – if the employee is unable to work temporarily because of a work-related injury or occupational disease, he or she will be eligible for this benefit

Temporary Partial Disability Benefits – this benefit is applicable for the employees who return to work but are receiving lesser pay from their pre-injury wage

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits – if the employee loses use of a body part, amputation, disfigurement or bodily scarring, loss of hearing, loss of vision or lung disease, will be eligible for this benefit

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