Workers’ Compensation in Maryland

The Workers’ Compensation law in Maryland applies to almost all employers with one or more employees. The law requires the employers of different business fields to provide their employees working in the State of Maryland a payment for lost wages and medical charges related to any work-related injury. In the same way, the policy is also affording for the disability benefits, medical and vocational rehabilitation, and survivor benefits.

Not All Injuries Are Covered

Workers’ Comp insurance makes way for the employees to still receive weekly pay in spite of missing work as a result of the injury or disease obtained on the job. Though not all job-related accidents or illnesses are covered by this policy. Employees can only file claims for accidents that occur from certain conditions that the employer implements at their workplace, or when the employee is doing the actual job. Workplace injuries also include the diseases or infections that develop overtime due to the work conditions.

Benefits of Getting A Workers’ Compensation

According to Maryland’s Labor and Employment Code, the cash assistance that the injured employee received from the income loss benefit of the workers’ comp insurance will depend on the extremity of the injury on the job.

The coverage of the workman’s compensation are as follows:

Medical Expenses

All forms of medical expenses are covered, including the hospital travel costs.

Lost Wages

Workers’ Comp has a lost wages assistance program for employees who are unable to work for weeks due to the work-related accident. This cash assistance is paid on a weekly basis.

Death Benefits

When the work-related accident or disease results to a tragic demise of an employee, the workers’ compensation benefits will also provide for the funeral expenses and give financial assistance to the bereaved family of the victim. The amount of death benefit is based on the standing of the deceased employee in the family income if he or she is the sole provider of the family or only contributes to the family’s income.

Disability Benefits

The Workers’ Compensation insurance covers the employees who become partially or totally incapacitated from performing the hazardous work or because of suffering from an occupational disease. The temporary and permanent disability are counted.

Vocational Training

To help the affected employee in re-employment or start a new career, part of the insurance coverage is a vocational evaluation, training, and counselling for a new job.

Penalties for Non-Compliance to Workers’ Comp in Maryland

When employers intentionally refuse to carry the state-regulated law of having liability and workers comp insurance as they operate their business in Maryland, they will be penalized for up to $10,000 fine. In addition to that, of then business is a corporation, every officer will carry personal liability for the cost.

The business owners must take full responsibility of paying for the workers’ comp policy to a licensed insurance carrier or must be able to compensate the benefits from their own funding, if the company is self-insured. They should never deduct any part of the policy costs from the employees’ salary. If so, the employer will be charged of misdemeanor.

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