Workers Compensation & Employers Liability Insurance

Workers' Comp for Small Businesses

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Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance for small businesses.

Workers Comp At A Glance

Eligible Businesses

We have broad appetites for small account workers compensation risks:

  • More than 1000 available payroll class codes but limited appetites for class codes in hazard grades E and F and no appetite for hazard grade G class codes
  • Maximum unmodified manual premium of $35,000
  • Maximum experience modifier of 1.35
  • Willing to underwrite risks currently insured in Assigned Risk Plans
  • Minimum policy writing premium of $1,000

Workers Comp Coverage

Maximum Limits

  • Employers Liability with limits up to $1 million / $ 1million / $1 million

Installment Options

  • 10 pay
  • 4 pay
  • 2 pay
  • Annual pay option available

Accepts premium payment via credit card or ACH. Policy forms, invoices and policyholder notices are sent electronically.

Visit the Insurance-As-A-Service® Resources page available to policyholders for access at your fingertips  a suite of value added resources for legal, human resource management, risk management, mental health, ergonomics and loss mitigation services.

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