Why Does Your Trucking Business Need A Truckers’ General Liability?

Having auto insurance is not enough to protect your commercial trucking business. Your auto insurance will pay for the liabilities against the use of your truck, like medical bills of someone hit by your driver by accident or paying for a someone else’s property damaged in a collision with your truck.

But what about the instances or accidents that may happen away from the truck? Are you still responsible for them? If the incident happens within the boundaries of your business, or even by an employee away from your premises, then yes, you are still held liable for it. That is why you need to have Truckers’ General Liability Insurance Coverage.

What Is SynchronoSure®’s Truckers’ General Liability Coverage?

A Truckers’ General Liability Policy is your protection against any damage your business might cause that is not directly related to the operation of the truck. Basically, it is the coverage for any type of injuries, accidents and damage to a person, or a third party’s property.

SynchronoSure® provides you a Truckers’ General Liability Policy as casualty insurance that covers the day-to-day needs of the owners of trucking businesses and motor carriers. This product is unique for it is specifically designed for liabilities of the business that are not directly related to the truck operation. We are offering a standard commercial general liability coverage inclusive of an itemized coverage specific to the trucking industry, our Truckers General Liability Enhancement Endorsement. This is available to for-hire truckers in ISO General Class code 99793 for small to mid-size trucking companies with 1-25 units and gross receipts of $35,000,000 or less.

To paint a better picture of what we cover, our Truckers’ General Liability insurance covers your business premises and operations. It does not include coverage for transportation exposures because that is afforded by your Commercial Auto insurance. Let’s discuss about the difference of Commercial Auto Insurance and Truckers’ General Liability Policy.

Commercial Auto Insurance vs. Truckers’ General Liability

Don’t get confused. You should not interchange a Commercial Auto insurance with a Truckers’ General Liability insurance. Allow us to explain the difference between the two policies.

Commercial Auto Insurance pays for the accidental expenses that involves the operation of a business-owned truck. Motor vehicle theft, vandalism and other types of vehicle damage are also covered by this insurance. Furthermore, it provides coverage for the following:

Truckers Auto Liability

Commercial Auto Insurance covers the bodily injury and property damages to a third party caused by a car accident. Legal costs are also covered if the driver or motor carrier is sued by the other driver for the damage and injuries that the accident caused.

Medical Coverage

This policy gives a certain amount of coverage for the driver’s medical costs if he or she gets injured in an accident while driving. Passengers are also covered if there are any. Regardless of who is at fault for the car accident, this policy will payout the medical bills of the injured people involved.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

Commercial Auto Insurance protects the trucking business owners against vehicle theft, repair of windshield, contacts with animals like deer, vandalism, or damage caused by the weather.

Uninsured Motorists Accidents

A lot of drivers in the U.S. are uninsured or underinsured. That’s why Commercial Auto Insurance includes a coverage to pay for accidental costs, like medical and repairs, when an uninsured motorist caused the accident.

Loading and Unloading Accidents

Third-party damage that takes place while your workers are loading items to and unloading it from your for-hire truck is covered by Commercial Auto Insurance. In spite of that, it does not pay for the damage to the item or property if it is damaged while being loaded to or unloaded from the truck. Wrongful and damaged deliveries are not covered by this insurance.

While Commercial Auto insurance covers any type of injuries and damages where the trucks and drivers are involved, Truckers’ General Liability insurance is your protection when accidents happen outside the operation of the for-hire trucks. Again, a Truckers’ General Liability Policy covers your business premises and operations. That involves your shop, yard, and the entire business operation even if you and your employees are not within the premise except the transportation exposures. Commercial Auto insurance pays for the transportation exposures.

A Truckers’ General Liability provides for the following:

Medical Coverage for Bodily Injury

Truckers’ General Liability insurance offers coverage for customers or non-customers who are injured in the course of business on your premises for which you may be liable. For example, a customer trips over something in your yard and suddenly he’s bleeding. This insurance can cover the medical treatment for that person whether or not you may be liable. Synchronosure®’s Truckers General Liability Policy automatically increases this limit to $5,000 per person.

Damage to Property

This insurance can also pay for Bodily Injury or Property Damage to others on your premises if you are liable. If you are renting an area for your business operations and something damages the premises you will be held liable to repair or replace the damaged premises. Many landlords require this type of coverage in the rental and lease contract. SynchronoSure®’s Truckers General Liability Policy increases the limit for damage to leased property to a standard limit of $500,000.

Personal and Advertising Injury

Violation for copyright infringement can exhaust the business funds depending on the level of the crime committed. A Truckers’ General Liability insurance also provides you protection against libel and slander exposures. Even a simple and seemingly harmless social media post can be a basis for lawsuit against your business. Having a Truckers’ General Liability Policy keeps you from worrying about these exposures.

Permit to Enter One’s Property

Many companies do not allow truckers to enter their property without a certificate verifying General Liability Insurance. That will bring unnecessary delays and inconvenience to your business operations, and may even keep you from getting contracts and loads. To keep your business running smoothly, and to help you deliver necessary services to your customers, the Truckers’ General Liability Policy helps eliminate unnecessary delays in carrying out your business.

Almost everything is insurable against damage, loss, accident, or death. But not everything may be covered or can be covered by one insurance policy only. In reality, you have to make sure you purchase the correct coverage to protect your business needs.

For a trucking business owner like you, you cannot get by with having a Commercial Auto policy alone. You also need a Truckers’ General Liability insurance to assure that all aspects of your exposures are addressed.

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