Sure Simple Entity Formation Checklist


An entrepreneur who’s ready to take the first step in starting a business should set up a new business entity before doing pretty much anything else. Here is Fourscore Business Law’s Super Simple Entity Formation Checklist to help guide you as you conclude as an important first step.

Number one decide on the name of the business entity. Be sure to check both URL and trademark availability of the name that you select.

Number two decide on the entity type. Usually this will be a corporation or a limited liability company.

Number three, decide on the tax structure of your business

Number four decide on the state of formation. Most likely this will be Delaware or your home state.

Number five have the proper documents files with the office of the secretary of the state from your choice of state.

Number six have the remaining documents prepared. Usually, this will include Bylaws, Founder Documents, Operating agreement whichever might be applicable.

Number seven obtain a federal employee identification number also known as EIN form the IRS.

And finally step eight, set up a company bank account. And that’s it! Congrats you’re ready to go!! At Fourscore Business law company information, we handle finding clients. Whether you need assistance in setting up your new business or already have had the first step taken care of, the startup lawyers and corporate attorneys at Fourscore Business Law are available to help you create your business.

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