Become a Producer with SynchronoSure®

Five Reasons to Become a Producer

Fast. Easy. Accurate. Get a quote in a matter of minutes instead of hours or days.

No carrier appointment necessary.

Competitive commissions for producers paid monthly.

Produce business and commission rather than administer policies

We work with production partners to provide curated lead lists

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much E&O insurance is required? – $1,000,000
  • How are commissions paid? – Monthly on collected premiums
  • Is there a premium volume commitment? – No
  • What documents are needed for agency approval? – Copy of E&O Declarations Page and Current Licensure
  • Can I see the draft producer agreement? – Yes. Click here.
  • Do you only deal with retailers? — We deal with producers including both wholesale and retail producers.
  • How are commissions paid? – We pay commissions by ACH on collected premium.
  • For the surplus lines business, do I need a surplus lines license? – Yes, but if you don’t we can refer you to one of our wholesale business partners.
  • Can I write in another state? – Yes, dependent on your licensure.
Visit the Insurance-As-A-Service Resources page available to policyholders for access at your fingertips a suite of value added resources for legal, human resource management, risk management, mental health, ergonomics and loss mitigation services.
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