One Star!! What To Do If Your Business Gets A Bad Online Review


A negative review or a low rating is a downer. But here are some practical steps to take if and when that happens.

One, rage offline. As moma says, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. You don’t want to inadvertently validate the negative review by responding in a defensive manner.

Two, bury the negative. Focus on customer satisfaction, so the cheers drown out  the jeers. Remember the magic ration of forty to one. The negative review will be seen as aberration if there is a chorus of positive feedback.

Three, see that all problems are opportunities. Be the bigger person and apologize if appropriate or explain further so leaders can see both sides of the story. As long as you can do this with a cool head and be objective enough to acknowledge frustrations. Have someone who isn’t involved in the situation. Read the review and the proposed response before posting it though, just to make you sure you don’t say anything that might widen the divide.

Four, pick up the phone. If you think you can have a professional and courteous conversation that addresses the concerns, you can turn an unhappy client  to a satisfied customer.

How you handle mis communications or mistakes says more about your business than you’d think.

Five, bring in the big guns. Last and least, it may be time to contact an attorney about Libel. We’re not litigious here, but we realize statements that are flat out false could harm your business’s reputation.

If all else fails, and it’s a particularly extreme situation a lawyer may be able to help you protect your business’s image.


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