How To Network Well Without Wasting Time


Here are ten tips for how to network well.

 One, have and bring effective business cards. This gives someone’s a takeaway from your conversation and should include a Name, Business, Website, Email and Phone Number at least.

Two, if you’re overwhelmed, try to find your own space to regroup and maybe introduce yourself to someone else by the bar, food or sitting.

Three, ask people about themselves. Listen carefully and actively, you could learn something.

Four, Goals!! This could be big or small but give yourself a mission so you’re not there aimlessly.

Five, be you. Natural conversation can lead to stronger better relationships than just your pitch.

Six, speak to different groups. People tend to gravitate towards familiarity and make it a pount to connect to people with different genders, races, ages and gigs. This will make the conversation more interesting and give you a bigger picture.

Seven, have fun, laughing and talking about topics that aren’t work related and make a better impression and give you another dimension.

Eight, follow up. Within 24 hours, connect with the people you met via email, Linkedin or by phone or whatever way you think is best.

Nine, don’t just network, Engage. Instead of bouncing from event to event to meet new people, meet with the people you met. Forge deeper bonds by meeting up for lunch or coffee.

Ten, keep it moving. Don’t monopolize any one person’s time, conversations go dry or come to its natural end. Politely excuse yourself and move on.

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