Clothing and Accessories Business Owners Policy

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What is GigBOP - Business Owners Policy for Clothing and Accessories Online?

Business Owners Policy covering Business Personal Property & General Liability with options in Employment Benefit Liability, Professional Liability, and Hired Non-Owned Auto Liability. Designed and tailored solutions for risks related to Gig Economy and emerging industries. Specifically created for home-based business, shared workspace offices, and limited footprint companies.

Businesses eligible for the GigBOP include: Artisan/Servicing Manufacturing, Direct Retail Sales, Online Retail Sales and Services. We have more than 75 classes available.

Competitive Commissions: We pay competitive commissions on premium collected.

GigBOP at a Glance

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Why do Online Clothing and Accessories Retailers need insurance?

Your small home-based online businesses like retailing clothing and accessories need insurance because every transaction your business makes comes with a liability. That is why it is essential that as the business owner, you are mindful of the hazards that your business may encounter.

Unexpected turn of events can result to unexpected expenses. When there are a lot of unexpected costs, it can easily bankrupt a small business. Buying an Online Retail Accessories and Clothing Insurance can help your small business’ cash flow from draining.

Protect your workers and your business with SynchronoSure®’s GigBOP – a Micro-Business Owners Insurance Program for the Gig Economy. We afford insurance coverage for Business Personal Property and General Liability. Business Personal Properties are the movable things owned by the business, for example computers, tables, furniture, and the like. While the General Liability insurance is the business’ protection from claims regarding instances that may occur in the shop such as bodily injuries, damage to property, and personal or advertising injury.

In addition, small business owners can also add Employment Benefit Liability, Professional Liability, and Hired Non-Owned Auto Liability to their GigBOP policy.

Get your business the right security and take your mind off the worries about expenses. Bear in mind that the premium you pay for an insurance outweighs the cost you might need to pay in case of a workplace accident or calamity.

Accepts payment via credit card or ACH. Policy forms, invoices and policyholder notices are sent electronically.

Visit the Insurance-As-A-Service™ Resources page available to policyholders for access at your fingertips a suite of value added resources for legal, human resource management, risk management, mental health, ergonomics and loss mitigation services.


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