General Liability Eligible Businesses

General Liability is liability coverage that provides protection for premises and operations liability, and products/completed operations liability.
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Class Code Description Exposure Base Class Type
10042 Consumer Electronics and Appliances Rental (NAICS) Gross Sales Mercantile
10065 Art Galleries Gross Sales Mercantile
10100 Bakery--Retail Gross Sales Mercantile
10100 Fast Food--Restaurants--Donut Shops Gross Sales Mercantile
10113 Barber Shop Gross Sales Mercantile
10115 Beauty Parlors and Hair Styling Salons Gross Sales Mercantile
10115 Makeup Services Gross Sales Mercantile
10120 Health Spa or Steam Bath NOC Gross Sales Mercantile
10130 Bazaars--Operated by Insured Gross Sales Mercantile
10352 Confectionery and Nut Stores Gross Sales Mercantile
11020 Catalog and Mail-Order Houses Gross Sales Mercantile
11039 Caterer Gross Sales Mercantile
11127 In-Home Sales of Merchandise--Direct Selling Gross Sales Mercantile
11127 Clothing or Wearing Apparel--Retail--Specialty Stores Gross Sales Mercantile
11127 Consignment Shops--Direct Retail Sales Gross Sales Mercantile
11155 Collectibles and Memorabilia Store Gross Sales Mercantile
11155 Collectibles and Memorabilia--Retail Gross Sales Mercantile
11234 Cosmetics--Direct Retail Sales Gross Sales Mercantile
12510 Sewing, Needlework, and Piece Goods Stores Gross Sales Mercantile
13506 Home Furnishing Stores Gross Sales Mercantile
13506 Gifts and Home Décor--Direct Retail Sales Gross Sales Mercantile
13673 Grocery, Tea or Coffee Dealer--Retail Gross Sales Mercantile
14401 Ice Cream Stores--Only Ice Cream and Related Items Gross Sales Mercantile
14401 Limited Cooking Restaurants--Ice Cream/Yogurt Stores Gross Sales Mercantile
14655 Jewelry--Retail Costume Gross Sales Mercantile
14655 Jewelry--Direct Retail Sales Gross Sales Mercantile
14655 Jewelry Repair Gross Sales Mercantile
14913 Key Duplication Gross Sales Mercantile
14913 Locksmith--Shop and Outside Gross Sales Mercantile
15600 Nail Salons Gross Sales Mercantile
15993 Painting, Picture, or Frame Stores Gross Sales Mercantile
16402 Pet Grooming Gross Sales Mercantile
16403 Store--Pet and Pet Supply--Retail Gross Sales Mercantile
16404 Pet Walking and Sitting Services Gross Sales Mercantile
16404 Pet Training Gross Sales Mercantile
16471 Photo Booth Rental Gross Sales Mercantile
16471 Commercial Photography Gross Sales Mercantile
16750 Electronic Shopping Gross Sales Mercantile
16750 Clothing and Accessories--Online Retail Sales Gross Sales Mercantile
16750 Consignment Shops--Online Retail Sales Gross Sales Mercantile
16750 Cosmetics--Online Retail Sales Gross Sales Mercantile
16750 Gifts and Home Décor--Online Retail Sales Gross Sales Mercantile
16750 Grocery Specialties--Online Retail Sales Gross Sales Mercantile
16750 Jewelry--Online Retail Sales Gross Sales Mercantile
16750 Pet Supplies--Online Retail Sales Gross Sales Mercantile
16819 Restaurants--Operated by Concessionaires Gross Sales Mercantile
16901 Limited Cooking Restaurants--Coffee Bars or Shops Gross Sales Mercantile
16902 Limited Cooking Restaurants--Concession Stands/Snack Bars Gross Sales Mercantile
18109 Shoe Shining Establishment Gross Sales Mercantile
18109 Shoe Repair Store Gross Sales Mercantile
18200 Diet and Weight Reducing Centers Gross Sales Mercantile
18200 Yoga Instruction Gross Sales Mercantile
18437 Household Furnishings NOC--Retail Gross Sales Mercantile
18437 Store--Retail NOC Gross Sales Mercantile
18507 Dressmaking or Tailoring--Custom Exclusively Gross Sales Mercantile
40066 Athletic Programs--Amateur Number of Games Miscellaneous
41650 Wedding Officiant Area Miscellaneous
41677 Accounting Services Payroll Miscellaneous
41677 Bookkeeping Services Payroll Miscellaneous
41677 Decorating Payroll Miscellaneous
41677 Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services Payroll Miscellaneous
41677 Management Consulting Services NOC Payroll Miscellaneous
43151 Computer Data Processing--Operations Area Miscellaneous
43215 Artists and Performers--Freelance Number of Shows Miscellaneous
43215 Disc Jockey Number of Shows Miscellaneous
43215 Event Performance--Freelance Number of Shows Miscellaneous
43215 Writing, Freelance Number of Shows Miscellaneous
44280 Event, Party or Wedding Planners Payroll Miscellaneous
45937 Direct Mail Advertising Gross Sales Miscellaneous
47367 Payroll Services Payroll Miscellaneous
47367 Genealogy Investigation Payroll Miscellaneous
47367 Executive Search Services Payroll Miscellaneous
47367 Personal Concierge/Assistant Payroll Miscellaneous
47367 Personal Organization Payroll Miscellaneous
47367 Personal Shopping Payroll Miscellaneous
47367 Resume Writing Services Payroll Miscellaneous
47367 Translation and Interpretation Services Payroll Miscellaneous
47367 Court Reporting and Stenotype Services (NAICS) Payroll Miscellaneous
47367 Travel Agencies Payroll Miscellaneous
47474 Professional and Management Development Training Per Student Miscellaneous
47474 Fine Arts Schools Per Student Miscellaneous
47478 Exam Preparation and Tutoring Per Student Miscellaneous
49005 Taxidermist Gross Sales Miscellaneous
49617 Mobile Food Services Gross Sales Miscellaneous
49840 Window Displays Gross Sales Miscellaneous
51896 Clothing Mfg. (Men's and Boys' Cut and Sew Apparel Contractors) Gross Sales Manufacturing/Processing
52433 Electric Housewares and Small Electric Appliances Gross Sales Manufacturing/Processing
53374 Coffee Cleaning, Roasting or Grinding Gross Sales Manufacturing/Processing
53734 Furniture or Woodwork Stripping, Refinishing or Repairing--Shop Only Gross Sales Manufacturing/Processing
55802 Costume Jewelry and Novelty Mfg. Gross Sales Manufacturing/Processing
57913 Pet Food Mfg. Gross Sales Manufacturing/Processing
58458 Newspaper Publishing or Printing--Editing Gross Sales Manufacturing/Processing
61224 Accounting Firm--CPAs Area Buildings/Premises
61224 Advertising Agencies Area Buildings/Premises
61226 Tax Preparation Services Area Buildings/Premises
66561 Offices of Misc. Health Practitioners Area Buildings/Premises
66561 Misc. Health Practitioners--Masseuse--Licensed Area Buildings/Premises
67508 Language Instruction Area Buildings/Premises
68707 House Sitting Area Buildings/Premises
91177 Auctioneers--Not Livestock Payroll Contracting/Servicing
91177 Estate Sale Management Payroll Contracting/Servicing
91405 Carpet, Rug, or Upholstery Cleaning--Outside Payroll Contracting/Servicing
91555 Computer Device Installation, Inspection, Service or Repair Payroll Contracting/Servicing
91636 Detective or Investigative Agencies--Private--Office Payroll Contracting/Servicing
91805 Drafting Payroll Contracting/Servicing
92451 Satellite Dish Installation--Erection of Dish and Auxiliary Equipment Payroll Contracting/Servicing
92663 Architectural or Engineering Firm--Clerical Payroll Contracting/Servicing
94617 Freight Forwarder Payroll Contracting/Servicing
95357 Geophysical Exploration NOC--All Employees Payroll Contracting/Servicing
95625 Handyperson Payroll Contracting/Servicing
96317 Appraisal Services Payroll Contracting/Servicing
96317 Inspection of Risks for Insurance or Valuation Purposes NOC Payroll Contracting/Servicing
96317 Building Inspection Services Payroll Contracting/Servicing
96611 Interior Decorators Payroll Contracting/Servicing
96611 Interior Design Services Payroll Contracting/Servicing
96816 House Cleaning Payroll Contracting/Servicing
97050 Lawn Maintenance--Commercial or Domestic Payroll Contracting/Servicing
98111 Office Machine Installation, Inspection, Adjustment, or Repair Payroll Contracting/Servicing
99505 Aquarium Cleaning Services Payroll Contracting/Servicing
99505 Swimming Pool Servicing Payroll Contracting/Servicing
99793 Trucking--Mail, Parcel, or Package Delivery--Drivers in Connection Therewith Payroll Contracting/Servicing
99793 Last Mile Delivery (w/o Installation) Payroll Contracting/Servicing
99793 Last Mile Delivery (w/ Installation) Payroll Contracting/Servicing
99793 Trucking Operations Payroll Contracting/Servicing
99975 Window Cleaning Not Above Ground Level Payroll Contracting/Servicing
99793 Truck Broker Payroll Contracting/Servicing

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