About SynchronoSure®

Synchrono Group, Inc., dba SynchronoSure®

Synchrono Group Inc., Operating under its trade name SynchronoSure®, we are a state-of-the-art underwriting business focused on property & casualty insurance in the US.

We are positioned to efficiently, effectively and almost effortlessly provide insurance solutions to meet the needs of the gig economy, other emerging industries and small businesses. We prefer small businesses and startups, and offer a variety of coverages, all backed by highly-rated insurance companies and reinsurance companies.

Time, ideas, energy, and experience all matter in driving success to the bottom line. With over 370 years of combined experience in the insurance, technology and analytics fields, we are uniquely positioned to offer best-in-industry insurance buying experience​.

Executive Leadership

Steven Hartman

Chairman / Chief Executive Officer

John DiBlanda

Chief Finance Officer / Chief Operating Officer

Richard Moser

Director of Business Development / Chief Business Development Officer

Arif Khan

Chief Information Officer

Simon Gildener

Director – Legal, Regulatory and Human Resources

Cindy Sullivan

Director of Policy Administration and Offshoring

Expedited Customer Experience​

AI-Powered Underwriting Technology

Representing Only Highly-Rated US Insurance Companies

Innovative Technology​

Superior Analytics

More. Better. Great

We believe that engagement with local non-profit organizations is good for the culture of our business, employees, community, and bottom line. By partnering with our business partners around the globe, we can channel resources in a manner that contributes to meaningful impact in our communities.
Visit the Insurance-As-A-Service Resources page available to policyholders for access at your fingertips a suite of value added resources for legal, human resource management, risk management, mental health, ergonomics and loss mitigation services.
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