July 2021 SynchronoSure® Townhall

SynchronoSure® had its July town hall today. Steven Hartman discussed several company updates, activities in the coming weeks, and announced #ExcessLiability to be live this month. We expanded our #GigBOP product coverage enhancements and #TruckersGeneralLiability …

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June 2021 SynchronoSure® Townhall

SynchronoSure®has its town hall today. Steven Hartman shared the latest on our product initiatives and partnership updates. We will be launching new products in the coming months (hint: Excess Liability and more). We also welcomed the newest …

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May 2021 SynchronoSure® Townhall

SynchronoSure® had its town hall earlier. Steven Hartman shared several updates about our product lines like adding enhancements on GigBOP – #BusinessOwnersPolicy for the #GigEconomy. He also discussed about our new exciting products in the pipeline! We welcomed our new Chief …

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April 2021 SynchronoSure® Townhall

SynchronoSure® held our town hall today. Steven Hartman shared updates on #WorkersComp and partnerships with key stakeholders; Richard Moser on marketing; John N. DiBlanda on finance; and Simon Gildener on employee benefits updates. Also congratulations to John N. DiBlanda as our new COO; Jay Josselyn, CPCU, ARM as our new …

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March 2021 SynchronoSure® Townhall

SynchronoSure® had a town hall meeting today, all in business attire! Steven Hartman discussed updates on the team’s efforts as well as more product lines in the second quarter, updates on our strategic partnerships, and our expanding state …

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February 2021 SynchronoSure® Townhall

SynchronoSure®had a #townhall today, our CEO Steven Hartman shared updates on team activities as well as more new hires for both US and Philippine teams. We also did a “Bring Your Pet To Townhall” earlier, but our pets were …

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January 2021 SynchronoSure® Townhall

#HappyNewYear from SynchronoSure®! We held an online town hall today, discussing what we accomplished in 2020, the products we will launch soon, and what to expect in the succeeding months.

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