Spend More Time Selling: How a Speedy Underwriting Process Improves the Producer Business Model

The traditional business model in the insurance space was long overdue for a makeover. Antiquated sales and marketing approaches, manual data collection and processing, laborious underwriting, and sluggish timelines had been par for the course in the industry – until the arrival of a series of new technology tools. For those producers operating within this … Read more

Insurtech’s Impact: How Technology Is Having a Positive Impact on Both the Client and Producer Experience

Technology, by design, is intended to boost efficiencies, enhance capabilities and otherwise improve our lives. When appropriately applied to certain industries, such as insurance sales, technology can deliver strikingly-beneficial results for all involved – including buyer, producer and business. The influence of technology in the insurance industry should be obvious in certain ways – think … Read more

Exploring the Right Business Insurance Policies for Small Businesses

The nature of small business has changed dramatically. It has grown broader, encompassing a much larger portion of the working population than it once did. Although the traditional mom-and-pop shop still exists mostly as we remember it, it has been joined on “Main Street” by a diverse array of other small-business models and trades – … Read more

How Does Business Insurance Differ for the Gig Economy?

Corporations and many midsize companies are structured and categorized with insurance in mind. Businesses with generational know-how and deep resources employ professionals – sometimes entire departments full of them – to accurately determine and even reduce liability across what are often wide networks of hundreds and sometimes thousands of employees and outlets. Contrast that with … Read more

GigBOP®: Our Solution for Risk Management Needs of the Gig Economy

Gig workers already make up a massive portion of the U.S. workforce – 57.3 million people, or 36 percent of all American workers, according to one estimate. What’s more, it’s growing fast – three times faster than the total workforce. And as the gig economy grows, it must evolve. One area where it has fallen … Read more

Gig Workers and Insurance for the Gig Economy

The way American workers think about work and their relationships with employers has shifted dramatically in recent years. Rather than classifying employment as either full-time or part-time work, there are now a number of overlapping categories and concepts that may not be easy to define. This includes gig work. Put in the simplest terms, the … Read more

Maximizing Revenue: Unlocking the Power of Faster Underwriting for Brokers

Maximizing Revenue: Unlocking the Power of Faster Underwriting for Brokers The insurance industry is currently undergoing large-scale and rapid-pace change. There was a time when agencies would track down relevant data sets by hand, analyze and assess risk manually and build client quotes with little more than a spreadsheet and calculator. The embrace of automation … Read more

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